Troubleshooting Guide

Below are listed some of the basic problems that you may encounter with your system. Follow the steps listed in order to help you resolve the problem(s). This will also aid us in scheduling a service call if required.



System will not shut off

  1. 1. Check Controller Programming
  2. 2. Unplug controller and remove battery backup, wait 3 minutes, reinstall battery and reprogram controller
  3. 3. Shut water off at the Backflow Preventer or from within your basement and contact us for service

System will not turn on

  1. 1. Verify Controller is in the Run Position
  2. 2. Check Controller for indication of Rain Sensor Shut Down. Activate Rain Sensor Bypass to water immediately
  3. 3. Make sure there is power to the controller
  4. 4. Check Controller Programming
  5. 5. Contact us for service

Little or no water pressure to system

  1. 1. Verify the shut off valve in your basement and the Backflow Preventer valves are fully open
  2. 2. Inspect home water/Irrigation filter for clogging. Replace filter if needed
  3. 3. Visually inspect Backflow Preventer for water emitting from device. Shut off water in basement and contact us for service
  4. 4. Inspect property while system is running for broken sprinkler(s)/pipe. Remove time from controller for the zone(s) with symptom and contact us for service

Watering cycle starts at incorrect time of day

  1. 1. Verify correct time of day is displayed on controller. Reset if needed and replace battery backup

Controller displays "fuse" or "short"

  1. 1. Problem with valve solenoid(s) or broken wire(s). Contact us for service

Brown, dry or wet area in lawn or Shrub Bed

  1. 1. Turn on zone(s) and verify sprinkler(s) are not being obstructed.
  2. 2. Check to make sure all Rotary sprinklers are turning and there are no visible pipe leaks. If these symptoms exist contact us for service
  3. 3. Locate zone station(s) on controller and verify zone run times are correct.
  4. 4. Increase or decrease watering times as needed

Soggy spot in lawn or Shrub Bed

  1. 1. Low head drainage from non-retracting sprinkler or sprinkler without check valve. Zone valve not closing fully. Sprinkler Wiper Seal leak, fitting leak or pipe damage. Contact us for service