Professional grade, dependable products with a proven track record of performance.

Below you will find a list of the product lines we carry and the highlights and ways we use them. Please click on the manufacturer logo to take you to their website for complete details of their products.

  • Complete line of Fixed Spray Sprinklers and Nozzles with exceptional distribution.
  • Dependable Rain Sensors with advanced features.
  • Highest Quality Commercial and Athletic Field Brass Valves.
  • Time-tested 640 Rotary Sprinkler is the most durable Athletic Field Sprinkler on the market.

  • Residential PGP Rotary Sprinkler is a time tested, dependable product, with great water distribution at either high or low water pressures.
  • Commercial grade I-25, I-60, I-90 Rotary Sprinklers offer proven large turf coverage.
  • Exceptional value and features in their Residential and Commercial Controllers.
  • Large assortment of weather sensing and programmable equipment.
  • Dependable Residential and Commercial plastic Valves.

  • High quality, durable Fixed Spray Sprinklers with a comprehensive line of Nozzles.
  • Leader in Agriculture Irrigation Equipment.
  • Exceptional line of Residential, Commercial, and Athletic Field Rotary Sprinklers.

  • Quality, time-tested residential and commercial plastic valves and Pressure Regulating Valve attachments.
  • Dependable Total Control and quality MC Series Commercial Solid State Controllers.
  • PC Control, the first computer interfaced residential Controller.

  • The leader in subsurface In Line Drip Emitter Tubing and related equipment.