Professional and Informative, each of our estimates comes with an irrigation drawing showing you exactly what we propose. References are always available upon request.

Residential Systems

A typical residential estimate takes about one hour or less and includes:

  1. 1. Determination of water supply source
    • If it is from a pond or stream we review EPA, local and state permit requirements (if applicable), pumping options and electrical service needs.
    • If it’s a well pump application we determine the horsepower rating of your pump, pump depth within your well and the wells GPM (gallon per minute) yield.
    • If it is a domestic water supply, we locate your water line from the street as it enters into your home, check the type and size of the water meter and water supply line, and determine the best location to bring out an independent water supply line from your home to the irrigation system.
  2. 2. A test of the water pressure
  3. 3. Options for where the irrigation controller should be located
  4. 4. A walkthrough of your property to discuss property lines and specific watering needs
  5. 5. A detailed drawing of the system
  6. 6. A brochure, which includes the irrigation drawing, product literature and costs. If there are special needs or if the project is large we may either mail or email your estimate to you within a short timeframe

Commercial & Athletic Field Systems

Commercial and athletic field estimates contain the same details as outlined in the residential section. The length of time it takes is dependent on the scope of the project. Multiple site visits may be required to review bid project parameters, or to verify irrigation/landscape drawing layouts. Bid projects may be emailed or faxed to us at any time for review and submittal.